The SSE Caravans at the DakarGSEF2023 Forum

Young people from all over Africa gathered at the Forum. Among them, 11 countries were mobilized to take part in the Caravan’ESS, mobilizing nearly 200 young people for the event. They joined the Youth & SSE Pre-Forum showcasing the challenges and principles of the Social and Solidarity Economy with and for young people, before continuing the adventure through the rest of the program to take part in plenary debates, experience-sharing workshops, job fairs and social entrepreneurship fairs. This caravan of West African youth is organized to promote the integration of united peoples. How can we promote the initiatives of young people who are building the future of the SSE, in order to inspire and share the entrepreneurial know-how of young people in the SSE? How can we give young people a privileged place in the design, implementation and decision-making processes of development agencies? After GSEF2023, how can we create a framework for consultation and showcasing the work of young SSE stakeholders? How can we make this Forum the turning point for a fairer, more sustainable global economy, with and for the younger generation?

How did the idea for the Caravan’ESS come about?

The organization of the Caravan’ESS is one of the special events leading up to the forum itself. It is a pretext for demonstrating the importance of hybridization and the diversity of actors in the social and solidarity economy. In this respect, many young West African caravanners, through the activities of the Youth & SSE pre-Forum, have been able to promote the integration of peoples in solidarity. It has proved to be an opportunity to integrate responses for the inclusion of young people from here and elsewhere in a Marketplace format (discovery, business, employment and social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship…).

The Caravan’ESS was a journey. Young people from various West African countries made their way to Dakar to join the Forum.

In spirit, the Caravan’ESS is more than just a trip. It’s a time for reunions, an expression of solidarity between African citizens who are geographically different, but humanly close.

Presentation of the Caravan'ESS focal points

In order to mobilize these young caravanners, focal points, representing organizations involved in the Social and Solidarity Economy, have been identified for each of the countries taking part in these Caravan’ESS. These focal points are responsible for :

  • Represent the country on the Caravan’ESS organizing committee
  • Select young entrepreneurs and SSE talent to take part in the event
  • Coordinate the country’s participation in Caravan’ESS
  • Implement a country strategy to finance the participation of caravanners
  • Participate in the scientific animation of the Caravan’ESS
  • Post-Forum feedback and follow-up on return home
  • Become key players in implementing the GSEF action plan in Africa
Beuchir Fall

Beuchir FALL

Accounting and financial auditor and manager of BF Consulting Suarl, a consultancy firm.

Coordinator of Caravan’ESS, which mobilized nearly 200 young West Africans active in the SSE sector.

Amadou Gacko

Amadou GACKO

Member of Junior Chamber International Mauritania

Focal point of the Caravan’ESS for Mauritania, for which25 young caravanners were mobilized

Fabrice Adelphe Balou

Fabrice Adelphe BALOU

Member of the Platform of Youth Organizations of Toulepleu (POJeT)

Focal point of the Caravan’ESS forIvory Coastfor which13young caravanners were mobilized



Member of Handicap Solidarité

Focal point for Togofor which 5young caravanners were mobilized

Antoinette de London Atayi Mepas

Antoinette de London ATAYI MEPAS

Second Deputy Mayor of Owendo

Focal point for Gabon for which15young caravanners were mobilized


Baba Sarmoye CISSE

Member of the Réseau National d’appui à la promotion de l’économie Sociale et Solidaire (RENAPESS) (National network for the promotion of the social and solidarity economy)

Focal point for Malifor which25young caravanners were mobilized.

Junior Abdoulaye Toure

Junior Abdoulaye TOURE

Member of the Mouvement Panafricain des Leaders (MPL)

Focal point for Guinea-Bissaufor which24 young caravanners were mobilized.

Simpore Wendpagnangdé

Wendpagnangdé SIMPORE

Member of Réseau Zoodo Action & Solidarité, an international solidarity organization

Focal point of the Caravan’ESS for Burkina Faso for which 5 young caravanners were mobilized.

Léonce Mehouedinde


Member of Espace Wakanda and Agroboot

Focal point of the Caravan’ESS forBeninfor which5 young caravanners were mobilized.

Ali Maman


Member of Mouvement des Jeunes pour le Développement et l’Education Citoyenne (MOJEDEC)

Focal point forNigerfor which5young caravanners were mobilized.

Mamadi Aminata Toure

Mamadi Aminata TOURE

Member of CIPAD international

Focal point forGuinea Republicfor which23 young caravanners were mobilized

Jean Noel Waly


Member of KiTech (Kaolack innove tech), an organization promoting digital technology in central Senegal

Focal point for Senegal for which 20 young caravanners were mobilized

The caravanners ready to go

The focal points and caravanners have left for Dakar to represent their nation at the GSEF2023 Forum. For many of these young people working in the Social and Solidarity Economy, it’s the first time they’ve left their homeland for the country of Teranga.

The Caravan'ESS experience in Dakar