Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the GSEF2023 Dakar was set up by order n°0001782 of April 15, 2022. It is chaired by the Mayor of the City of Dakar. A R R E T

Article 1 :

An Organizing Committee for the World Forum on the Social Solidarity Economy GSEF2023 Dakar is created.

Article 2 :

The Organizing Committee is responsible for the planning, preparation, organization and follow-up of the 6 th edition of the World SSE Forum. These include:

Article 3 :

The Committee shall be composed as follows:

The Committee may call upon any person who can assist it in the execution of its mission.

Article 4 :

The secretariat of the Organizing Committee is ensured by the General Coordination of the GSEF 2023 Dakar (Network of the Actors and Territorial Collectivities of the SSE – RACTES).

Article 5:

It is created a General Coordination of the World Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy GSEF Dakar 2023.

Article 6 :

General coordination is provided by RACTES in collaboration with GSEF and the City of Dakar. Its mission is to:

The General Coordination may call upon any person likely to assist it in the execution of its mission. He prepares and transmits a final report to the Mayor.

The Secretary General of the City of Dakar and the Director of Cabinet of the Mayor of the City of Dakar shall be responsible, each in his or her own area of responsibility, for the execution of this order, which shall be registered, communicated and published wherever necessary.