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1 – 6 May 2023

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Every two years, the GSEF holds a Global Social Economy Forum, in partnership with member cities around the world. It has become a key event for the social and solidarity economy (SSE), demonstrating how this concept is embodied today. At each edition, a declaration is adopted, binding the host city and participants and formalizing the commitment to work towards this human-focused economy, an indispensable tool for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This event represents a privileged platform for shared learning and exchanging knowledge and perspectives on all aspects of the SSE. The GSEF is a global network of local governments and civil society stakeholders committed to promoting the SSE as a path to a “different economy” for the benefit of all, a means for empowering local development, centered on social and environmental issues.


Social and Solidarity Economy and Territories

Transitioning from Informal Economies to Collective and Sustainable Economies for our Territories

Countdown to GSEF2023 Dakar

Countdown to GSEF2023 Dakar

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Call for applications Pre-Forum Women

This year, the Forum will highlight the place of women in the Social and Solidarity Economy during a special event: the Women’s Day for SSE, …

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Youth for SSE – Call for applications to the SDO Village

The World Forum on the Social and Solidarity Economy is held from May 1 to 6, 2023 in Dakar.  In every country in the world, …

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Call for proposals Dakar 2023 : a valuable resource !

The call for proposals launched for the DakarGSEF2023 Forum and closed in June 2022, has collected more than 250 proposals for interventions! The great number …

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