Thematic Paths

The DakarGSEF2023 Forum was organised around 7 thematic tracks, and introduced by 2 Pre-Forums. On this page you can find extracts from the Forum Proceedings corresponding to your topic of interest!

For each theme, check out the Scientific Committee’s recommendations, the summary and replay of the plenary session, and the reports of the workshops and self-organised sessions.

Youth & SSE Pre-Forum

Collective and sustainable entrepreneurship for the territories: inclusion responses for the youth from here and elsewhere.

Women’s Day for SSE

Women’s empowerment and the territorialisation of sustainable public policies.

Theme 1

Co-constructing public policies for collective and sustainable economies conducive to decent jobs for young people and women.

Theme 2

Sustainable blue economy, preservation of artisanal fishing, creation of new sustainable jobs, and social and environmental protection.

Theme 3

Collective and sustainable “green” economy for the territories, food self-sufficiency and its governance.

Theme 4

Solidarity and sustainable digital economy and smart territories.

Theme 5

Financing collective and sustainable economies for the territories.

Theme 6

Policy dialogue: national and local governments and key stakeholders of collective and sustainable economies for the territories.

Theme 7

Social and Solidarity Economy and sustainable development: links between practices and research.


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