Sustainable Blue Economy, Preservation Of Artisanal Fisheries, Creation Of New Sustainable Jobs, And Social And Environmental Protection

Faced with the a priori divergent interests of the fishing and oil & gas actors, the fishing communities, the impacted coastal local authorities as well as the actors of the blue economy are called upon to mobilize in order to reinforce the resilience of the populations highly dependent on fisheries resources. The latter find themselves in a situation of overexploitation and overcapacity leading to a collapse of the stocks, felt even more strongly in the artisanal fishing sector.

How to solve the problems and establish a dynamic in the search for mitigation solutions adapted to the problems of artisanal and industrial fishing? What are the answers in the inclusive governance of the promotion of a sustainable solidarity-based blue economy? How to create direct and indirect solidarity and decent jobs in the sectors of tourism, fishing, energy, agriculture, transport, etc. in a perspective of “blue growth”, inclusive and sustainable?
What social protection system for the fishermen, the fishing communities and the local coastal communities affected?