General coordination

The General Coordination of the GSEF2023 Dakar was set up by order n°0001782 of April 15, 2022. It is chaired by the General Coordinator of the Network of Actors and Territorial Communities for the Social and Solidarity Economy.


Article 4:

The secretariat of the Organizing Committee is ensured by the General Coordination of the GSEF 2023 Dakar (Network of the Actors and Territorial Collectivities of the SSE – RACTES).

Article 5 :

It is created a General Coordination of the World Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy GSEF Dakar 2023.

Article 6 :

General coordination is provided by RACTES in collaboration with GSEF and the City of Dakar. Its mission is to:

The General Coordination may call upon any person likely to assist it in the execution of its mission. He prepares and transmits a final report to the Mayor.